San Francisco. A city of Contrasts.

Well we arrived in San Francisco at 22.30, after a five hour flight from Atlanta Georgia. Kay thought it was only a two hour flight. Pain in the bum, as we flew from Cleveland south, for 3 hours, plus an hour and a half turnaround in Atlanta, made it a very long day indeed. The Hotel is a Chalet type, and is clean tidy and comfortable. An hour from downtown Frisco. The buses are really efficient, and run pretty much to schedule, although the speed they drive at is quite disturbing. Our “Local” Service has a massive bendy bus, and is full of Chinese and Mexican people, every time we travel. The fares however are really cheap, and half price for seniors, ok I lied, and travelled for a dollar 35.

On day one we visited the Old fisherman’s wharf area, which is very busy, colourful and vibrant. A good mixture of attractions are available, and the shops, restaurants etc are not overly busy. We had Fish and chips for lunch. Two small fillets in batter, if it had been in The UK, I would had kicked off, but the “Colonials” are trying their best. Bless em. It tasted pretty good, just not enough of it, to be honest.

The Afternoon was spent drifting along the Wharves, popping in and out of various shops, and stores. The floating US Navy Museum ships were quite interesting, which included a Submarine, and a couple of Freighters. One of which did 60 odd trips across the Atlantic.The Military museum was pretty good as were the Chocolate factories. We left the wharves and went to the twisterist road in the world, I’m certain we have all seen it in the movies,that hill up to it is around 1 in 3. A bloody killer in high heels. But I managed ok.

The local beer isn’t too bad. And the Local wine is excellent. Their are several winery outlets, where you can go for a taster, and have a meal. Pretty good good idea, I think. A word of warning to all. San Francisco, is not cheap. Should be called, San franfriskyou. We did however find an Italian eatery, with great food, at a reasonable rate, although, the seating, tables etc were rather rudimentary. But as I said the food was awesome. So we didn’t mind overly much.

After dinner, we visited the Coit Tower. Memorial to fallen Servicemen, and a location for a couple of scenes, in two Dirty Harry movies. The views were spectacular, although the walk was a murder on the old knees. And I broke a heel. Lol.

Well day two dawned, pretty much the same as day one. Sunny but with a really chilly wind. We went to the Golden gate bridge, did the two way walk there and back. Pretty amazing views up there, and well worth the time to visit. We watch Sea lions diving for fish under the the bridge, which was pretty cool. And a flock of Pelicans flew under the bridge, just below us which was an amazing sight. Kay was in overdrive with the camera, which earnt her the nickname of, ” David Bailey”. She was clucking away like a woman possessed, I tell you. Thank goodness for digital cameras. That lot would cost a mint to develop. After the Bridge, we went back into downtown Frisco, and had an early dinner. After which we ventured out to procure a ride on the cable car system, which was well worth the 45 minute wait, and a reasonable cost of only $7. Cheap for such a popular attraction. The ride lasted around twenty minutes, and for public transport, was very enjoyable. The terminus is in Market street. And that is a really attractive area, especially for shopping mad women. We happened across a restaurant, called “Mels drive in”. A really cool place, with a fifties theme, and it has been in existence for 70 plus years. The coffee was good, but the Apple pie, was much better. Delicious!!! And it was a huge slice. Lovely. After that is was back to Ranch, for a rest up, and to prepare for the next leg if our trip. More of that tomorrow, or whenever. Sleep tight peeps.

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