Thirty six Hours in Aussie.

We have only been in Australia for just over a day, and we are quite enthralled by the Blue Mountains, the area we are staying in. Having been let down by old friends, who couldn’t put us up for the weekend, as arranged, due to no fault of their own. We had to make urgent plans for accommodation, we chose a little place in the small town of Leura, in New South Wales. What an inspired choice it has been. We have been out exploring the Locale, and it is absolutely beautiful here. Walking through the forests which cover a large part of the Blue mountains, the views, are nothing short of inspirational. One amazing vista surpassed in beauty by the next. Sub tropical rainforest, made accessible by the state authorities. Who must be congratulated for their wonderful efforts, they have made many areas open to people who are less able than the rest of us. There are place which wheelchair bound people can come and enjoy being in a stunning wilderness, alongside their more able bodied friends.In the Mountains there are hundreds of trails, rated by difficulty. And on each one there is time, to guide the individual on how long each trail should take, and a note to how difficult each route is deemed to be. A massive help for those who Kay not be as fit s they’d like to be. There are hundreds of look out points around the region, so you can walk just a few metres from the road, and take photographs of the fantastic views. Without actually having to wreck yourself to see the wonders of the area.Kay and I have taken advantage of these really easy to get to view points. We have also endeavored to take on some routes that were, quite a lot more difficult. To be rewarded by seeing some fantastically amazing sights. We drove on some rough dirt roads. One climbed through the rain forest up the side of a mountain, we were rewarded by seeing some wonderful views, we may have missed had we not done so. One road was a bit of a bust, as it came to a rather abrupt end, at somebodies front gate. To describe the road, it would be easier just to tell you the name of it, and this is genuine. It’s called “Megalong Road”. About 20km of unleavened road. That has no signage, to tell you it’s a dead end. At that point, I was almost driven to use ” Veteran” English,if you get my drift. The speed limits here are rather lower than I’m used to, and it’s in KM’s. So I have to exercise extra caution, doing want a ticket from the local Constabulary, do we? But 100 Kph, seems a little low for the ” Great western Highway”. The Local tradesmen, kind of use the speed limits as a guide. So that’s no different to the UK.So after only 36 hours in Australia, we have seen some of her most beautiful places. A joy to see and experience. We have found that eating out is pretty expensive, so buying food in supermarkets and making sarnies etc, will save a few quid.The local population seem to an eclectic mix of all nations of the world. A real melting pot of all races, who have been very friendly, and helpful. We did met two lovely ladies, in the rainforest who were English. One of which taught, at the primary school, two hundred metres from our place in Torquay. Then at breakfast this morning, I met the nephew of Robson Coulson, who was the Range explosives safety officer of Otterburn ranges, who I met in 1983. Whilst supporting two sqdns doing Swingfire live firing. Really small world, dont you think.Well in conclusion, a great first full day. And looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Thanks for reading. Take care.

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