A day to muse over.

Kay and I went to Kendal at Oberlin. A Facility founded by Quakers, for the care of the elderly. A very efficiently run establishment, with really effective staff, who made sure that each resident was looked after in the best possible fashion. I was quite taken aback by the calmness, and unhurriedness, not just of all the activities carried out but all who worked there. The site is over one hundred acres, and in the main most of the activities are carried out by the residents themselves. I was amused to hear however that they have 101 committees, run by the residents. Apparently the Quaker way. I as you was amazed anything got done, as committees usually cogitate about three thousand times before a compromise is agreed. Because the first idea was perfect so they couldn’t proceed with that, as it would be, too bloody easy. However, everybody gets involved, and everybody has a say in what they are doing, in their day to day lives. Which is amazing in itself. We had lunch with two of the residents, one was a mere 86, the other was an amazing lady of 101 years of age. Both were totally Cognitive and helped us out, with some great ideas, we could use when we get back. It was a very rewarding day, and all in all a resounding success.

On the way back, we visited the local City of Obeling, a College town, with fantastic architecture. Kay was like David Bailey on steroids. Clicking like a mad thing. The town was Founded by Quakers and Amish people in the 1800’s. I have never seen so many different denominations of Churches in such a small area in my life. A very beautiful town, and all the people we met were very polite and helpful, which made it a pleasant experience.

One thought on “A day to muse over.

  1. Sounds like an amazing experience , I’m sure it was surprising to see , good feedback , hopefully when you return you and Kay can implement after much persuasion some of these experiences and improve the care given to our elderly residents in residential homes surrounding Devon , keep us updated , I love to read and share in your experiences feels like I’m there with you both .


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