A rest day?

Woke early, typically on a day off. Kay and I did a little exploring today. Went to a few places along the Shores of Lake Erie. Pretty interesting history, and some of the right ups were very informative. The lake is 60 miles across, but surprisingly, is only 60 feet deep at its deepest point. The fishing is supposedly very good, and it is considered to be the Walleye capital of the world. Good eating apparently, as of yet I haven’t had the chance to get a lure wet. Can live in hope I suppose.

We have one more working day in Ohio, then it’s off to Canada. We’re staying in Niagara on the Lake for two nights, more to follow.

I’m not enjoying driving an automatic, can’t find a job for my left foot. Haven’t had too many issues with driving on the wrong side of the road, nearly hit a truck turning left. Oooppps. Only once in over 800 ish miles, not too bad. Speed limits seem to be optional, to the yanks, I’m doing bang in the speed limit, and it’s like I’m standing still. Not going to push my luck though, the Local cops all have big guns. And I don’t. Not much more to add at this time. Thanks for reading, take care folks.

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