The Move north.

We have left Passavant behind, and moved North into the shores of Lake Erie. On Thursday Kay and I did observations at a Montessori school for 6 to 12 year olds. I was amazed at the amount of voluntary cooperation between the youngsters. They were building electrical circuits in one group. And there was no bickering or arguments, just calm discussion. I was also surprised how ordered the classes were as, unlike a conventional school, the teachers seemed to have very little input, into the activities around the classroom. It was brilliant, and showed what can be done, if one puts ones mind to it. On Thursday afternoon we visited another Facility a few miles away which EU educated youngsters from 13 to 18. A amazing environment, with the school being situated in a wood, and the grounds were around a hundred acres. The building were in an old Dutch style, as the site is in Aimish country. I was very impressed by the calmness, and tranquillity of the atmosphere, and by the high levels of motivation shown by the kids, who after all, are left to structure their own days learning. A great day, and I learnt a lot about the Montessori teaching methods. Which seems to embody the ethos of, I can do it, I will do it. Without an overly high input from the staff.

Well Friday was a rest day, so Kay and I shot off go Cleveland for a little sightseeing, and duly arrived, in good spirits, at the Rock and Roll hall of fame. A great day out and reasonably priced to boot. The gift shop, as with most of these places was a little expensive, but I did manage to get myself a little momento. Pictures to follow.

Kay’s. Mentor and guide for the trip invited us for dinner on Thursday and Friday evenings, she turned out to be a great host, and a very eloquent talker. Absolutely charming and intelligent young lady. Thanks Jen. You’re a star.

Well it’s an admin day today, but before I sign off I feel I should mention the wildlife.Blue Jay’s everywhere, we were almost accosted by a Skunk crossing our path, but we did manage to dodge its rear facing Chemical warfare weapon. Stinking thing, nearly had us.

Well that’s it for now. I’ll be back soon, with more unintelligible gibbering in a day or two cheers friends and nosey gets.

One thought on “The Move north.

  1. I’m so happy to hear about the experiences you are having , I love reading about different students and different ethos at various schools too , schooling is so different all over the world , keep your updates coming from
    nosey gets Natalie


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