The tour concludes.

Well its time to return to the UK. Can’t wait. I’m writing this on the flight from Sydney to San Francisco. Trying to gather my thoughts, and try to get the timeline straight in my head. Firstly, It has been an enthralling trip. I have met some amazing people, and some I’d rather forget. We all have met a few of those, I’m certain. Some of the Hotels have been, rather threadbare, and in need of investment, and some have been brilliant, particularly the place in the Blue Mountains, The ‘Waldorf Gardens Resort”. I would recommend it to anyone, and the staff were excellent, helpful cheerful, and respectful, at all times. A joy to stay there.

We have passed through, Washington, staying at a rather grubby hotel, where the staff seemed more preoccupied, with their friends popping in and out, rather than doing their jobs. We moved from there to a beautiful little AirB&B, which is part of a Montessori school, and training establishment. The Apartment we occupied there was beautiful, and I would recommend anyone to stay there. Probably the best value for money, accommodation we stayed in. We then Flew to Pittsburgh, and stayed a wonderful Place called Passavant. Love it there it was peace and calm personified. After that little stopover, we went to Cleveland, and were well taken care of by a Lovely lady by the Name of Jenny. Thanks Jen, you were amazing. Two more visits to old age establishments, and a Montessori or two, found us on our way to Niagara, a lovely place if you like water. Kay ventured into Canada, after a six up with my Visa. She gained some friends and a lot if help. So thanks Gail, you helped us both. Especially with the after information. Thanks again.

Well it was back to Cleveland, then on to Atlanta, hot and humid best describes, Atlanta. From there it was on to San Francisco, according to a few ex- pat tanks, it has gone to the dogs. We did the touristy things, and walked the Golden gate bridge. Pretty impressive as it goes. Well then it was off to Aussie, a country of massive contrasts, and massive gulfs between the haves, and have nots. There are an awful lot of homeless people in Sydney. And it is really expensive. So be warned.

In conclusion, I’ll be glad to get home. Back to reality, if you will. And I’m looking forward to seeing friends and Family. But most if all I’m looking forward to using some proper bog roll. Take note Hotel chains. Stop usinfg crap bog roll. Seriously though. I’ve learnt a lot about Dementia care around the globe, and about myself. And where the next stage of my life is going. Talk about travel improving one’s mind. It’s a must, encourage your kids to get around, the world. It’s an amazing experience. And if you’re not too Old, and decrepit, do it yourself. Thanks for reading my guff, see you soon. X

2 thoughts on “The tour concludes.

  1. Thank you for your enlightening blog of your travels , the highlights and the low lights , I’m sure you have had an amazing time traveling around the globe , I agree if you young travel it opens your eyes to what life is all about , see you soon


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