Sydney, Myths and legends.

Sydney, to be honest, was a bit of a bit of a damp squib. The landmarks, and the city look tired. Most of the people I met, seemed to be totally preoccupied by money status, and looking good. A city of people totally striving for status, rather, than happiness. I was surprised by, how few people actually spoke to each other on the street, it seemed to be a lot more hostile than London. Whilst in the suburbs, there were some love properties, but not much activity on the streets.

However, we arrived during “Vivid Sydney”, where many of the public buildings are lit up by an amazing light show. Including Sydney harbour Bridge, and the Opera house. Tye Sails of the Opera House, are used like a giant video screen, and the images projected are, a running commentary of the Evolution of a Nation. Very interesting colourful and, entertaining. So that was a great thing for see.

Having had almost a week to explore the Area, around the city, we headed off to Bondi Beach, an iconic location, most if us have heard of. Well dear friends, don’t bother. It’s rather like Newquay, but without the quaint charm. I was really disappointed, by the place, or maybe my expectations were, artificially high, due to the fact it was bigged up, by the hotel staff. And a few of the guests, I’d spoken to. However there are many beautiful areas, one can visit, one if which was Manly. A beautiful little town, with plenty of shops, street market 3 times a week, and a lovely wharf area, with nice Cafes, and restaurants. And its crowning glory, a beautiful uncrowded beach, set in a wonderful bay. I would rather be there, than Bondi, any day of the week. If I were to holiday in Aus, I would, have a week in the Blue Mountains, and a week in Manly. Such a charming town of, old and new buildings, some the Architecture was frankly stunning.

We spent a few days exploring around, the western side of Sydney, and Kay visited some old friends. We were shown around, yet another National park, and were shown where “Home and away, is filmed. Yes it is as picturesque as it seems on the screen. The water is chrystal clear, as it is in most of the Sydney estuarine system. Which impressed me a lot. There wasn’t tons of rubbish and plastic bottles floating around all over the place, the Aussies, seem to have a handle on non dumping of rubbish in its waters. Something to be very proud of.

We spent the last couple of days, swanning around and relaxing a little. We did however, do the British tourist thing and go to Botany bay. What an amazingly beautiful spot. There are little inlets, beaches, fishing pies, and gorgeous parklands, all around the bay. Well worth a couple if days, to explore.

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