A good move.

Moved from Wyndham gardens hotel, to the Crossroads Montessori Centre. The Staff, and executive members are such lovely people. Kind Courteous and very generous. Kay has been working hard, and I’ve been doing the Logistics role. You know, fetching supplies, doing the Dobi, and cooking the scran. Never realised how expensive groceries are this side of the pond. Have had two days here at the centre, wish we’d come here first. A beautiful apparent and great facilities.

The Centre has a great education system at its heart, and the staff work extremely hard to maintain excellent standards. The kids are so polite, and seem really happy at their studies. All involved, should be justifiably very proud of what they have achieved .

On a personal note, I’d like to extend my gratitude to all who have helped make our stay here so pleasurable. Thanks to Kathleen, and all her team.

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