Washington day two.

Woke up to a slightly cloudy morning in DC, After a light brekkie it was off to Arlington military cemetery, pay ones respects. It turned out to be a massive hike around the place it is massive.

Went to the Tomb of the unknown soldier, watch the Guy March up and down a bit. He was immaculately dressed, and lost it when a group of visitors were chatting loudly, told them to shut up, and show some respect. Then it was back to the city for Lunch, in a British pub, Called the Elephant and Castle. Beer was good, and the food was really good fare, at a reasonable price. After lunch we bimbled up Pennsylvania Avenue, to see if that guy with the dodgy Barnet was home. Never seen so many coppers in my life. Then a bus load if US Marines made an entrance, all dressed in blues. And very smart they were to, apparently the guy with the dodgy barnet, had invited they over for a BBQ, and a few beers. Nice of him, I thought. Although They did look a little overdressed, for a piss up. Reminded me of the Mess Summer balls. Getting wrecked with your best gear on. Good times, well the parts I can remember were, at least.

Washington DC. Day one

Woke up in Washington DC. Hot and humid day but, heavy drizzle. Breakfast a bit of a non event not too impressed with the Hotel catering. Took a train into the city, a bit 9f sightseeing as one does, went to Capitol hill, pretty impress building as it goes. Then went to the supreme court building, qwhich has a large marble plaza in front of it. Sat on the steps, and had a surreal discussion about Brexit with a guy from Bournemouth, both agreed, had that vote been in the US, It would have been sorted by now. Don’t think there was much point petitioning here though.

So it was onto the Memorial, and the White House. And it absolutely threw it down. So another first, at 60 years of age I now own my first umbrella. Drowned rats, and in need of food, not impressed by the service in some places. But suitably refreshed and a little drier, it was onwards to the Andrew W Mellon building. Then back to the Hotel. Tired but happy as what despite the weather was a really good day. Thanks Kay, I’m glad I came.

Last day before the off.

All logistics in place, bags packed car hire, so much cheaper than a coach, and a lot more convenient. Just need the object of my affections to catch up. A million and one last minute things to do, will probably take an hour.

This Churchill fellowship has got real, research to be done, notes to type up, and reports to be written. Conclusions to be made. I’m tired just thinking about it.

Next report in a day or two, try to keep up.

So it